Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Robin Sharma
Jaico Publishing House
Rs. 250

There are books one picks up for a soulful read, there books one reads to know what love is all about, there are books about a thrilling adventure...about how a single man travels all around the globe to save someone's life and there are books people pick up because of the lessons they teach. Now what if I say that one would no longer need to flip through a variety of books in order to experience love, thrill, laughter, suspense and spirituality? Well that is what Robin Sharma's "Secret Letters" is all about.
The author himself of course needs no introduction, his previous work "The Monk who Sold his Ferrari" had already earned him global recognition.

"Secret Letters" is based on a man's triumph over worldly obligation. Jonathan is anyone who has ever had a rough family life, or one who feels guilty for not standing up for what one believes in, the beauty of this character lies in the fact that he is a reflection of everyone...he is that bothersome part of one's existence which will not allow one to rest in peace, which will hinder one from understanding who one really is and what one exactly desires. He is a weak man enshrouded by myths of his strength, unable to battle his ego he falls prey to its grasps which becomes more powerful with each passing day. The book opens at that point of his life when he is at the verge of breaking his marriage even though he is still deeply in love with his wife and feels helpless towards his little son, his work is all that he can think of and this becomes his only motive for survival,  this as a result takes a huge toll on his overall well being. His mother is devastated to find him in this sorrowful state and decides to contact Julian, the monk of this story, and help Jonathan prioritize his needs and thereby get back to his feet.

With the commencement of his journey around the globe begins his journey within himself. He has been instructed to collect talismans that represent various aspects of life as a whole. Now as he embarks on this quest he is simultaneously ushered into a journey of self discovery that will help him in understanding his flaws and embrace his life like he should have done many years ago. Each geographical destination gifts him with one valuable insight into his life. The journey is full of adventure, solace and self revelation which not only Jonathan but also the reader undertakes along with him.

The person I was before I picked up the book and the person I am after having read it is different. I do not know how would the others respond to it but I feel each little "nugget" of wisdom will speak to each one in a personalized way even though it is a book meant for everybody. This is one of those books that I would love to flip through every now then...this one is for remembering...and this one is definitely for keeping.

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