Monday, 10 October 2011

If I Pretend I am Sorry!

If I Pretend I am Sorry! : Will You Pretend and Forgive Me?
By Prashant Sharma
Publisher: Srishti Publisher
Rs. 100

Prashant Sharma has a knack of surprising his readers. The element of surprise commences with the cover page of the book. What at first sight may seem to the unaccustomed eye as a teenage romance love guide will actually prove to be a thriller once the pages are slowly turned.
The story spins around the lives of three ruthless men who seek violence to achieve their private aspirations: some worth remembering while some worth questioning. The book which is tripartite in structure is neatly joined towards the end as the actions of each character enmesh the events which surround the others’ lives. The book really is a whirlwind ride that takes one into the very core of the Mumbai underworld and unfurls the ways in which it governs itself. 
His witty phrases and ability to construct mind boggling situations, charges this book with breath taking suspense and enormous thrill. Through love, deceit, bitter hatred and vengeance the characters construct the plot and the end leaves the reader spellbound as everything neatly falls into place. The overall experience of reading was nothing short of watching a blockbuster action packed movie unfold in front of my eyes! 

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